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3 min readOct 15, 2018

918kiss online gaming & gambling platform with a wide variety choices of game play & style.

Great time killing apps and gaming experience.

My First Time experience on playing online mobile slot game

I’ve just started using 918kiss as gaming platform for about a week time, would like to rate it with this article while sharing my review here. If you are new to online gambling, this platform provides a clear interface & simple startup of every game. If you had previously experienced other online gaming or gambling platform, this platform is going to be a great addition to your arsenal. Further description and walkthrough will be shown below!

First of all, here is a brief summary on how you can download the platform.

  • Open web browser ( for me I am using IOS safari)
  • Key in 918kiss on google
  • As shown in image above, user can easily select the type of mobile phone they are using, and download the game.
  • The 918kiss apps launcher will then be ready at the homepage.
  • User account can be created via
  • Deposit money and withdraw money can also be done instantly once account is created.

918kiss has a decent interface graphic as well as well organised interface. I had also run the app and played for 1 hour on my HUAWEI P20, the battery consumption was lesser than 20% which I considered it to be acceptable. Which to say, if you are killing your lunch time of working with 918kiss, it wouldn’t consume much of your phone’s battery, while some of the game can run automatically, you can let it run during work with no worries as well.

The 918 kiss features 132 single player game and 11 online games. The interface has a cleared outline to differ online games and offline games as shown below:

There are a variety of type of game play such as car racing, jackpot, Pokemon, dance game, slot game, card games, pictures matching and many other kind of casino game. All the game here will require a single time buffering and loading.

Type of Games

I had summarized a list of game and their simple descriptions as the list here:

Online Gaming List

The list will be update soon as I don’t have enough time to really explore all the game yet.

To draw a summarise of this review, I believe this will be a very good platform for all of you to enjoy your fun time as well as win some big bucks! I will also post up on the game experience that I had with these games next week, hope you all

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