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3 min readJan 18, 2020

Dress up with your best outfit and plan for your entrance into the ring with the finishing fighters in the Playtech Game Eliminators slot. A full-blown game that’s set in the mixed martial arts adrenaline-driven universe, where your opponent’s hell is the only rule to beat before you break it. Eliminators is a five-wheel game with three-row symbols and 20 set paylines. The cartoon-style action is set against a solid-looking cage surrounded by an animated crowd who will cheer your success as winning symbols line up across the reels.

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An opportunity to fight

The maker of the casino games Playtech is known for its exciting features in slots, which it definitely has a punch. You can choose two free spin games and wild substitutions in the form of cascaded rolls. This gives you the ability to claim a knockout prize of 25 000 times your overall stake. It’s an advanced mobile game that is available on iPhones, iPads, and smartphones or tablets from Android and Windows. Of course, on your laptop and desktop PC you can enjoy it too. With all of its products tested separately for fair play and fully licensed in several jurisdictions, Playtech is at the cutting edge of slots design and gaming. You just have to play 0.10 for real cash, or you can try the free video slots of Eliminators right here before playing at some of the best real-world casinos.

Eliminate your target

Winning rounds come with three or more matching payline icons. When the blue, green or red gloves are seen, the smaller payout is yours. Five warriors of the manga style award them the top prizes, and each is also shown on the right side of the bobbins. Within one minute, we’ll tell you why every fighter has his photos. The feature is triggered when you land a winning combination. The icons of success erupt and new ones disappear in vacuum. When a new winning line is formed, another collapse occurs until there are no new combinations. A variety of slot machines saw this style, but Playtech gave it a unique twist. If there are symbols of any competitor in the winning combination, a fun animation takes place when they are knocked away from the game and their emblem is removed from the rolls. Their sign is then crossed off on the side of the rolls and you can see clearly who is left. Eliminator improves the competition with sleek animations, a sound that takes the thrill of MMA to your mobile device or computer and the thrilling bonus. Check it out at our favorite Playtech livemobile99, where you can get the most out of every slot game with the variety of slot machines and the great promotional offers.

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