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3 min readNov 21, 2019

We all heard the tale of a beautiful princess and her knight in shiny armor hiding like a frog from the classic Grimm son. In the Frog Prince slot machine, IGT or International Game Technology brings this legend story to life. The slot game is currently available via the Reel Touch app of IGT and is not available online. Nonetheless, you can play it at most Vegas and/or at scr888 livemobile99.

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How to play the frog prince slot?

The Frog Prince is a 5-reel slot with 15 paylines and up to 75 coins with a maximum bet. The game features the protagonist of the frog prince as well as a bonus trigger. The other icons in the game include a citrus fruit, a peach, a raspberry, a palace, under a leaf frog ears, cherries, and the sun and moon. The reels are displayed on a touch-enabled, 15-inch LCD screen. The game’s graphics are clear and easy to look at, while the music adds to the game’s theme. Frog Prince is a multi-denominational game that enables the player to win a maximum bet of up to 50,000 credits. This slot’s payout rate can be as high as 98 percent.

The frog prince features and bonus rounds

The Frog Prince slot machine, along with wild symbols and multiplier features, has some really exciting bonus rounds. Another such bonus is the bonus round “Kiss the Frog,” which is triggered when you get three symbols on the reel of the frog prince. When three smiling frogs, with crowns filled with precious jewels, appear on the three reels in the middle (2, 3 and 4) of the screen, you have to touch one of the frogs to determine how many “kisses” you are entitled to in the bonus round. After that, the screen will prompt you with your hand to “kiss” the frog by touching the lips of the frog on the screen. Each kiss will multiply your wager between 4 and 100 by any number. Accepting or refusing the bonus is up to you, and you can do so until the “kisses” run out. The Magic Wish bonus, which is activated when you get a combination of 5 Magic Wish and Frog Prince Symbols on wagered board, is another bonus in this fairy-tale style slot machine. The player will pick the magic Wish book in this bonus round to know the number of free spins won. This can be as high as 6. A magic wand is also selected by the player to reveal the multiplier that can go up to 5. Even the free spins will be used for the wager you have selected when the reward is triggered, and the winnings during these free games will be multiplied by the amount the magic wand shows. In turn, this bonus round can trigger the frog bonus kiss or more free spins.

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