SCR888 HACK | Is Hack Software Really Work?

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3 min readMay 30, 2018

SCR888 HACK | Is Hack Software Really Work?

This is a blessing for all the SCR888 players.

Today, I’m going to show you how you can not to lose a single cent yet get a shocking amount of return in just 5 steps to hack SCR888.


Let’s not brag about it and get to the point.

5 Steps to Game Hack SCR888 in both Android and iPhone

Before showing you how this hacker software is going to make you rich overnight, you need a trustworthy SCR888 agent to help you reload your first load of money. Here’s where you can find our livemobile high credibility and trustworthy agent.

So, i reloaded RM200 for this video, and by the end of it, you’ll see a 4x figure.

The software works in a very similar way in both Android and iPhone. So, today what I show you is on an Android phone. All the videos I’m about to show you is about cheating and hacking money from a slot machine, which always has a better chance of winning.

Now, let’s get started!

1.Click on the hacker software

It directs you to the SCR888 app you’ve already downloaded in your phone, but with a joker mask in the middle, inviting you to click on the black magic button.

2. Click on the “SCAN” button in the middle

Let the man in the mask go through the files. Give him some time and he shall return you in a greater favor. In this case, MONEY. As you can see here, the man in the mask is telling you that you have a chance of 94.77% in winning the game, so that’s what we’re going to play later.

3. Click on the “GO” button

So, here’s just the usual. Wait for it to load, log into your account and wait for the money to come.

4.Select the game with the highest winning possibility

The man in the mask told us the game is going to do a huge favor for us today, so let’s find and select this game in all the various options SCR888 gives.

5.Hit Autoplay. Sit back and Relax…

For you who don’t know what is, it is a slot machine game. So, clicking the “AUTOPLAY” buttons, allows you to just sit back and watch the magic happens.

The balance is on the left top corner, and you might see that the balance is getting lesser and lesser for the first few rounds. But, be patience. In only 60 seconds, I got myself from RM200 to RM 750++.

BUT, Advice from using scr888 hack is that, Most of the hacking software in the market is fake and you may involve in risk of losing money after purchase the hack or get hacked by other while download the software.

We hope all our player to think twice before looking for hack! We have provide the best service for all our customer.

Choose Right Company When Playing this game as there a lot scam company out there.

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